Guard the quality of your product

We are experts at packaging and handling

  • High Volume Deliveries

  • Heightened security

  • Full chain of custody compliance

  • Watch your product via GPS

  • Temperature controlled and careful handling

  • Shipments insured up to $250,000
    *Call us for larger shipments

B2B Delivery Management
B2C Delivery Management
  • We deliver to your customers for you

  • Leverage our trained professionals

  • Delight your customers

  • Reach a larger pool of cusomters

  • Get medicine to those with mobility issues

  • Faster / Cheaper than setting up your own operation

Managed Delivery Services



Mileage Rate: $1.8 per mile


5% of value transported

Which ever is higher.


Mileage Rate: $1.6 per mile

No Pickup: $9.00
Wrong Address: $9.00

Waiting Time:  75 cents per minute (After 5 min. grace period)