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Professional. Reliable. Compliant. Our suite of delivery tools can be “full service” - where we serve as your agent to handle all logistics and transportation of product order deliveries on your behalf, or “self service” - where we give you the tools that enable you to create and maintain your own successful delivery service. Our software platform offers a fully customizable POS tracking system that integrates web orders, in-store kiosk orders and mobile app orders in real time. Our suite of dispatch tools coordinates every delivery in full compliance.



Experienced. Strategic. Effective. We offer a wide array of marketing services - everything a growing dispensary needs to thrive...even starting from scratch at the top where we can help you come up with an impactful name for your cannabis business. We can create a memorable logo and generate a full branding package, complete with letterhead, presentations, banners, uniform shirts, promotional "flair" items - whatever you might need to attract customers and build a recognized brand. We can design packaging labels so your products will stand out, and we can construct a compelling website to help you sell those captivating products. We can help propel traffic to your website with strategic cannabis ads and SEO (search engine optimization), and we can keep your audience "in the know" with solid web content and social media management.

Online services

Comprehensive. Tailored. Expert. Our online platform is specifically designed with cannabis dispensaries in mind. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution like other marketing agencies offer. Our expert team provides a one-stop shop that helps drive your operational success.

We offer: websites, online menus, TV menus, print menus, in-store kiosk applications, ordering as a mobile app, in-store pickup systems, delivery & dispatch modules, and more!



Connected. Steady. Organized. We like to work with retailers who want a steady, scheduled supply of inventory. Because we work with growers and producers to help them distribute their products to dispensaries, we have the ability to secure for your dispensary a steady supply of accessories, flower, concentrates, edibles, and other THC & CBD products. (We may be able to obtain supply on short notice, but be aware that the wholesale market is tight and it can prove challenging find one-off purchases in a pinch.) We can also help dispensaries arrange custom orders for exclusive strains, edibles with imprinted logos, and custom potencies for edibles and other products.

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