Our software platform & logistics arm provide cannabis businesses with everything they need to transport product and reach more clients.

We are approved for medical deliveries!

Recreational delivery approval is pending

Our comprehensive menu of cannabis delivery options has exactly what you need to take your dispensary to the next level. We transport cannabis and cannabis-related items from growers and producers to laboratory testing and dispensaries. We also work with dispensaries to process consumer delivery orders.  
Our tracking platform integrates your web presence, eCommerce and real-time delivery status while  our drivers report every step of delivery via our mobile app. We are fully compliant with all MA laws and provide automated reporting and manifest generation.  
Our drivers are highly-trained, professional, reliable and customer-service oriented. Our vehicles have temperature- controlled, secure compartments that are GPS tracked in real-time. All deliveries are insured, and the lock boxes that secure the transported product will only disarm and open at the specified delivery location. Give us a try and reduce your B2B transportation costs, increase your reach and open a whole new stream of revenue with B2C deliveries. Our highly-trained, professional and reliable delivery services are only a call or a click away!

Cannabis Delivery and Transport

We Transport and Deliver From:

Cultivation sites to medical dispensaries/adult retail stores

Wholesale distributors to approved cannabis businesses

Test sample pickup and deliveries to independent testing labs

Medical dispensary deliveries to licensed patients 

Spoiled product to certified disposal incineration facilities


(888) 420-BEAN

5 Appleton Rd, Natick, MA

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