We optimize logistics and distribution for producers and cultivators by leveraging a solid infrastructure and a large network of dispensary clients.


Our comprehensive menu of cannabis delivery options has exactly what you need to take your dispensary to the next level. We transport cannabis and cannabis-related items from growers and producers to laboratory testing and dispensaries. We also work with dispensaries to process consumer delivery orders.



We offer a number of services for cultivators and producers aimed at getting product to market. We can help with sales, guiding product placement at dispensaries. We help ensure the product passes all the necessary tests and is handled with care from production to delivery to preserve its quality. We can warehouse product if you are producing more than you can store, and we can help package your product. If you serve multiple clients, we can package the raw product for each client and then deliver the final product to your clients. We are constantly looking for ways to obtain a higher bounty for your products. We offer up-sell opportunities to dispensaries to arrange for exclusive strains for a higher price, custom molds for edibles imprinted logos, and custom recipes or flavors for edibles. We can help with compliance reporting.


Our online platform is designed just for dispensaries. This is not a one size fits all solution like other marketing agencies are offering. Let’s take a look at what we can have all under one roof.

We offer: Websites, Online Menus, TV Menus, Print Menus, In Store Kiosk, Ordering Mobile App, In Store Pickup Module, Delivery Module


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