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Distribution services for producers

We offer a number of services for cultivators and producers to help offload some of the necessary non-core competence tasks aimed at getting product to market. We can help with sales, guiding product placement at dispensaries. We help ensure the product passes all the necessary tests and is handled with care from production to delivery to preserve its quality. We can warehouse product if you are producing more than you can store, and we can help package your product. If you serve multiple clients, we can package the raw product for each client and then deliver the final product to your clients. We are constantly looking for ways to obtain a higher bounty for your products. We offer up-sell opportunities to dispensaries to arrange for exclusive strains for a higher price, custom molds for edibles imprinted logos, and custom recipes or flavors for edibles. Finally, we can help with compliance reporting.


Dispensary placement

Let our team do all the selling for you! We have several dispensary clients who are seeking steady, scheduled delivery of products. This allows us to place your product in front of dispensaries looking for the exact products you provide. We can target certain dispensaries, too. If you have a preference on having your product placed at certain stores, we can contact them, send the samples and engage them in purposeful conversation about connecting with us to carry your products.

Product testing

As part of our placement service we require all products to be tested before we can offer it to the dispensary clients. As such, we have established relationships with local, independent testing labs. We can take your raw batch to have it tested by these lab, and then offer the results to dispensaries who are your potential customers.


"Quality of product" is not merely defined as having a product test well. The product must be handled correctly - transported under the right conditions and stored correctly so that the quality of your product is preserved throughout its journey to the end consumer. Your product quality needs to stay "quality", and we handle this quality assurance on your behalf.

Quality assurance


For cultivators or producers who don’t have large warehouses, we can store product temporarily. Our highly-secure and temperature-controlled warehouse facilities enable you to store product at and distribute the product from our facility. Let us take the product off your hands as soon as possible to eliminate storage woes and open up needed space for your next harvest or batch.



For producers who don’t have packaging departments, our team can fill that gap. We have the space, the trained personnel, and the ability to help you or your customers select the right packaging. We can help with packaging design and selection, and we skillfully handle the careful packaging and labeling of product. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best: making the best product available for dispensaries.


Custom orders & branded orders

We look to partner with cultivators and producers and are constantly looking for ways to "get more" for your product. We offer product customization and exclusivity options to dispensaries to  obtain these higher bounties. We offer exclusive strains, so that for a higher price the dispensary pays to have the cultivator grow a particular strain only for them. We don’t guarantee that the strain is exclusive across all cultivators; it is simply exclusive to one cultivator. We can also provide higher bounties for edibles that are branded with the retailer's logo. For this we can secure branded molds, so producers can easily create these custom products at a premium price point. The same idea is behind our offerings of custom potencies, recipes or flavors. Don't be shy about sharing other ways to customize products and realize higher bounties. We're all ears!


We provide cultivators and producers with services to report compliance data to the state or to Metrc. We work with our clients to understand their needs and pain points, and craft custom solutions to ensure that we can help free your time and resources so you can return your attention where it belongs: creating some of the best products on earth.


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