Take your operations to the next level of aesthetics and functionality with our advanced online services.

Use our online services to leap ahead

Our platform provides several online tools for cultivators or producers. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution like other marketing agencies offer. Our expert team provides a one-stop shop that helps drive your operational success.


Wholesale menus

Our platform can easily enable you to offer a password-protected wholesale menu. This will allow your wholesale customers to register with you and you will be able to approve them promptly so they can see the real-time inventory available for wholesale order. Your retail customers can also place orders directly from your menu. The orders will get routed to your specified email address for processing by your team.

Track inventory

Our platform enables you to track inventory movement so that you can quickly and easily pinpoint which products levels need to be re-filled or paused.


Our platform provides the ability to easily generate intake forms to request product transports. Once the request is accepted, you can review the details of your transport request in your dashboard, and you can can see the transport status in real time. You can even see the vehicle moving on-screen in real time. Our platform provides real- time manifest creation based on your order. This manifest can be updated by the delivery drivers to ensure that we retained an up-to-date manifest that can be archived at the conclusion of the transport. We also archive the videos of the vehicle during the transport time period so you can return to the order and review any aspect of that transport.

Transport tracking & compliance


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