Utilize our vast network of wholesalers to keep pace with demand, maintain inventory levels, and manage steady revenue.

Keep up with demand using our distribution

We like to work with retailers who want a steady, scheduled supply of inventory. Because we work with growers and producers to help them distribute their products to dispensaries, we have the ability to secure for your dispensary a steady supply of accessories, flower, concentrates, edibles, and other THC & CBD products. (We may be able to obtain supply on short notice, but be aware that the wholesale market is tight and it can prove challenging find one-off purchases in a pinch.) We can also help dispensaries arrange custom orders for exclusive strains, edibles with imprinted logos, and custom potencies for edibles and other products.



Our packaging services allow any supply that we secure on your behalf to be custom-packaged. We can use your pre-selected packing, or we can help you select new packaging. We can even collaborate with you to custom-design new packaging. Our goal is to differentiate your product and grow your brand.

Scheduled supply

The Massachusetts market is tight, so your dispensary's supply needs to be secured ahead of time. The best way to secure supply is to lock suppliers into long-term contracts. For this reason, we prefer to work with a list of preferred growers and producers. We can help you connect with trusted suppliers.   


Special or branded orders

We can help place special orders for dispensaries to have unique or exclusive strains grown for you. While we cannot provide exclusivity in the whole state of Massachusetts, we can provide exclusivity form a specific provider. We can arrange for custom extracts and for edibles with custom sizes, potencies and flavors. We can also have custom molds created so that your edibles are imprinted with your logo. We offer a number of other customization capabilities, so talk to us about your vision because the sky is the limit!

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