Take your dispensary to the next level of aesthetics and functionality with our advanced online storefront & delivery platform.

Above and beyond with our online services

Our online platform is specifically designed with cannabis dispensaries in mind. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution like other marketing agencies offer. Our expert team provides a one-stop shop that helps drive your operational success.



Like other marketing agencies, we offer retailers a terrific, seamless web experience. However, unlike regular agencies our platform stands out because of key cannabis-specific features that are must-haves for dispensaries. We know our industry and our markets intimately. Our platform is based on "cannabis hosting", so you never have to deal with compliance issues or risk of having your site taken down simply because you are a cannabis business. The websites that we create have built-in age verification and keyword filtering functionality to eliminate compliance concerns. Our expert creative directors will be happy to advise you on acceptable phrasing and can explain the filtering functionality in all its finery.

Online menus

There are a few other providers who offer online menus for dispensaries, but none offer a product as flexible as ours. We can fully customize the product pages, checkout process and cart. This allows you to incorporate impressive product pages into your site. We also produce individual pages for products, which allows you to gain SEO (search engine optimization) for those pages. We sync all inventory from your POS and can even push online orders into POS’s that support integration via their API's. Our features include purchase limits, display limits, paused selling, and several other features that help cannabis retailers deal with high volume.


Typically, retail managers update their TV menus manually. This is time consuming, as you have to sift through and adjust existing inventory at least twice daily. Our automated method of generating the dispensary menus updates in real time as inventory is sold so that you always see accurate, up-to-the-moment inventory displayed on the TV screens of your dispensary. Good-bye, manual updates...see you never!

TV menus


We have a Kiosk app for Android tablets that enables your dispensary visitors to review the inventory menu in real time and place pickup orders so that they can get in and get back on the go quickly.

In-store kiosks

Ordering mobile app

Our Ordering mobile app allows dispensaries to have a presence in the app stores. Similar to the Kiosk app, it provides customers with the to see the real-time inventory menu, then gives them an experience similar to placing orders online. They can review  inventory, place a quantity into the cart, and then check out by selecting whether the order is for pickup or delivery. It's a simple slam-dunk!


Pickup module

Our pickup module offers a smooth, convenient process for handling pickup orders. Once a customer selects "pickup" for their online, in-store kiosk, or mobile app order, the order is routed to the pickup module. The pickup module's  printer produces a paper ticket for every pickup order, and the order is logged in a dashboard. The customer will receive a text or an email or both to notify them that the order has been received and will be processed. The bud tender then fulfills the order as detailed. When the bud tender marks the packaged order as "ready", this triggers a text or an email or both to be sent to the customer to let them know that their order is ready for pickup. When the customer comes into the dispensary to pay for the order, the bud tender marks the order as "paid".


Our delivery module is the sibling to our pickup module, offering a smooth, convenient process for handling delivery orders. Once a customer selects "delivery" for their online, in-store kiosk, or mobile app order, the order is routed to the delivery module. The dispatcher sees all incoming orders via a list or on a map, and can then assign orders to available drivers. Once the driver receive the assigned orders, he/she is notified with the details of each one via our delivery driver mobile app, and they mark the order delivery process as "started". This will trigger a text, an email or both to be sent to customers to let them know the status of their order. As each order becomes "next in line" for delivery, that customer again receives a notification saying theirs is the next one to be delivered. Once the driver arrives at the delivery address, another notification is sent to the customer. With the mobile app, the driver can obtain the customer's signature and can even collect payment via CanPay. The mobile app automatically generates transport manifests, making paperwork and compliance easy.

Delivery module


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