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We offer a wide array of marketing services - everything a growing dispensary needs to thrive, even starting from scratch at the top where we can help you come up with an impactful name for your cannabis business. We can create a memorable logo and generate a full branding package, complete with letterhead, presentations, banners, uniform shirts, promotional "flair" items - whatever you might need to attract customers and build a recognized brand. We can design packaging labels so your products will stand out, and we can construct a compelling website to help you sell those captivating products. We can help propel traffic to your website with strategic cannabis ads and SEO (search engine optimization), and we can keep your audience "in the know" with solid web content and social media management.

Name creation

We have a proven process to help cannabis businesses come up with great names for companies, products, and product lines. Our methods can vary. Our favorite ideation avenue is to conduct a naming exercise with founders, corporate executives, or company-appointed teams. While this method yields solid internal consensus, it may not give the target market a fair voice. The second avenue is to conduct a naming exercise within the target market via surveys and focus groups to analyze public perception of the name. This method is more time-consuming, but it offers a better guarantee that the business name will be well received by intended audiences.

Logo creation

Our creative directors are "agency guys" with the creative chops of true artists who take pride in what they do. They have a broad spectrum of experience from working on design projects for companies of all sizes across a variety of industries. Add their collective wisdom to their dedicated research in the cannabis industry, and multiply that with their passion to collaborate with enthusiastic clients, and your end result is our formula for success! Our team can draft a spread of relevant logos for you to review, and then adjust them based on your input to craft a final logo that captures the exact look and feel you are seeking. As with name creation, we can conduct logo selection exercises with focus groups to ensure that your logo hits the mark with your target audiences.

We are branding experts, and we're not shy about it, Not only can our creative team do wonders with your logo, but also we can extend that logo into a brand guide to form a solid, impactful brand using just the right blend of assets, color, fonts and photography. We then take that brand and extend it to letterhead, presentations, brochures, banners, promotional items, and a variety of digital assets. We make you look polished with a consistent, relevant brand. 


Packaging is an extension of branding, but it is specific to the items in your inventory. There are literally millions of packaging options, and we help you cut through this quagmire to hone in on the most cost effective, impactful and memorable alternatives. We make sure that these choices look great; are easy to produce; uphold compliance; and preserve and protect the packaged contents so that your customers are satisfied and compelled to repeat business.


Website design

We have extensive expertise in building websites of all types, with our specialty being in creating eCommerce sites. After years of experience with conversion rate optimization, we know what "works". We have a knack for understanding the factors that convert traffic into customers and that compel customers to purchase more products during their visit. Our creative team can work with you to ensure that your site portrays your ethos and conveys the messaging most important to you. We offer web designs based on aesthetically stunning templates, and we can likewise create fully custom designs. This gives you the flexibility of securing a remarkable website that suits your budget's bottom line.

Other design

Once our creative team gets to know you and your cannabis business, we would be delighted to help with a wide variety of design projects. We can do just about anything you need to enhance your brand and grow your sales and customer base. Bring us your needs list, and we will be happy to collaborate and scope it out.

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