Leverage our fully-compliant delivery software tools to expand your dispensary's reach. Allow our team of knowledgeable, reliable drivers and dispatchers to be an extension of your customer service-focused staff.

We take care of your whole delivery process

With “full service” delivery, your delivery program is entirely outsourced to us; we serve as your agents – professional, reliable, and customer-focused. Put simply, we transport inventory orders to you, and we pick up customer orders and deliver them on your behalf to your end customers. We also handle the reconciliation of funds as well as all reporting and compliance requirements.


We provide dispensaries with the necessary promotional material and actionable recommendations to yield a successful delivery program. We help brand and produce marketing materials,. We offer strategic guidance to help structure purchase limits, and offer POS integration to display a dynamic online menu of your intended delivery inventory. Our delivery system accepts orders, sends automated notifications of order status to customers, and provides functionality for bud tenders to receive new orders and process them efficiently. Reconciliation and reporting is fast and easy. 


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