Leverage our fully-compliant delivery software tools to expand your dispensary's reach. Allow our team of knowledgeable, reliable drivers and dispatchers to be an extension of your customer service-focused staff.

We take care of your whole delivery process

With “full service” delivery, your delivery program is entirely outsourced to us; we serve as your agents – professional, reliable, and customer-focused. Put simply, we transport inventory orders to you, and we pick up customer orders and deliver them on your behalf to your end customers. We also handle the reconciliation of funds as well as all reporting and compliance requirements.


We provide dispensaries with the necessary promotional material and actionable recommendations to yield a successful delivery program. We help brand and produce marketing materials,. We offer strategic guidance to help structure purchase limits, and offer POS integration to display a dynamic online menu of your intended delivery inventory. Our delivery system accepts orders, sends automated notifications of order status to customers, and provides functionality for bud tenders to receive new orders and process them efficiently. Reconciliation and reporting is fast and easy. 


Medical deliveries

We are currently serving dispensaries in Massachusetts to outsource their delivery programs for medical patients. We offer a number of pricing structures - fixed cost per delivery, delivery minimum, free delivery each separated by zones, etc. We help you determine the ideal configuration of how to subsidize customers delivery costs. 


How medical deliveries work


1) Our software integrates with your POS' medical inventory to either show a menu or import the orders.

2) Orders are transferred to our dispatch module where the dispatcher groups the orders logically by location and distance, then assigns them to drivers for delivery. 

3) The driver receives a notification of the assigned orders, and their driver mobile app prompts him/her to "start" the first order in their delivery queue. 

4) The driver initiates smart-routed driving directions via his/her favorite map app. Upon arrival at the recipient's location, the driver then notifies the customer by updating the order status to "arrived". 

5) The driver will verify the customer's medical card and license, and record pictures of both IDs.  The driver and the customer review the order details together.

6) Once the driver delivers the order, the customer will sign for the order and, if they prefer, can use Cannpay to pay for the order. 

7) At the end of each day, our delivery team handles all financial reconciliation and reporting.

Recreational delivery

We are working with several groups to offer recreational delivery services once the "rec" regulations are publicly accessible. We plan to be one of the first entities to apply for this type of 3rd-party transport license. We have an established fleet of delivery vehicles and the software tools already in place to make recreational delivery happen faster, safer and more cost effectively than anyone else.


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