Is to give the legal cannabis industry a strong boost towards what we consider the next obvious step in eCommerce.  Once medical - and then recreational - cannabis use becomes legal, dispensaries and related shops pop up almost overnight.  What many lack, is a top-quality, professional system for both receiving online sales and delivery management.


This is where Stalk & Beans comes in.  Our software platform & logistics arm provide cannabis businesses with everything they need to reach more clients, streamline operations, and provide a higher level of quality customer service.


Why Our Platform?

Price Conscious

Avoid breaking the bank on design and development. Our comprehensive product list has everything you need rolled into one simple monthly fee.

Get a Leg Up

With a legally compliant delivery system, your business will reach a broad range of new clients that dispensaries can't.

Fast and Easy

Go from "brick & mortar" to "click & mortar" in a snap. Seamlessly implement our efficient, convenient platform into your business in no time with little effort.

Choose from various templates & customize them to fit your style or brand.  You can edit images, text, styling and more.  We will help to create your perfect site with stunning visuals that are tailored to your specifications.  

Victor Juri
Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Knox
Chief Operations Officer
With over 15 years of management experience, Victor excels at building customer relationships, mobilizing purposeful teams, and understanding end users.  He brings effective sales savoir-faire to the table and has a proven track record with startups.  He is a seasoned CEO who is well-versed in delivery software development and logistics. Most recently, he founded and operated MX Advertising & Consulting, a successful marketing agency.
Matthew has over 20 years of experience as a Software Architect/Developer and combines a strong entrepreneurial spirit with substantial analytical skills and the ability to identify issues and find workable solutions. Prior to joining the Stalk & Beans team, Matthew was a founding equity partner and Chief Technology Officer of BuyBook Technologies which was recently sold to Kelley Blue Book.

(888) 420-BEAN


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