Stalk & Beans offers technology, marketing, & delivery services that will streamline your business operations, enhance sales, expand your customer base, and elevate your customer experience.

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What We Offer


We provide comprehensive services to cannabis businesses, offering operational and software solutions that facilitate the movement of cannabis products at each touch point within the supply chain.


For Retailers

For Cultivators/Growers

We optimize the online and logistics operations of cannabis retailers by providing:

marketing services, eCommerce, online & TV menus, in-store kiosks, delivery app &  dispatching tools,  in-store pick up system, direct  delivery to end consumers

We optimize logistics and distribution for producers and cultivators by providing:


warehousing & packaging, wholesale online menus, product testing and quality control, product delivery, product distribution to dispensaries, inventory tracking


What we do for retailers

We optimize the online and logistics operations of cannabis retailers. We start with a website that showcases your products, pulling inventory from your POS in real-time.  We then dynamically create menus to display online in the eCommerce site as well as on dispensary tv’s, in -store kiosks and mobile apps. 

Orders placed are then routed to either the Pickup module or the delivery module so that bud tenders can prepare the orders and automatically inform customers of order status. 

We also have a number of marketing services to help your dispensary sell more products and foster customer loyalty while increasing the average cart spend.

We also have full distribution capabilities to help your dispensary find a steady supply of quality products that your customers will love.


What we do for cultivators

We optimize logistics and distribution for producers and cultivators by leveraging our software and large network of dispensary clients. 

We facilitate product placement at dispensaries, coordinate custom or branded orders (which fetch a higher price), we warehouse and package product, and we also handle product testing and quality control.


Our online systems enables us to handle inventory and delivery tracking, and provide online wholesale menus. so you can take online orders and track deliveries in real time.


Our fully-managed delivery services also provide the infrastructure to transport product from a grow operation/production facility to dispensaries, wholesale clients, testing labs, or disposal facilities.

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